About our Bees

Our bees have been selectively bred from our own stock for over 15 years. They are Locally Adapted and tend to be dark in colour. The aim has always been to raise new queens under as close to natural conditions as possible. Breeding queens are selected from colonies known to have a Good Temperament, and to be both Hardy and Productive with a high disease and varroa resistance. The aim has been to produce a strain of bee ideally suited to both the Beekeeper and our variable climate. Queen cells are produced from grafts and are then raised in a six frame Nucleus to ensure the New Queen has an abundance of young nurse bees to tend her and her new brood. The Virgin Queens are open mated in areas flooded with Drones from our own Apiaries, allowing for both Natural Selection and maintenance of the breeding strain. The new Queen will go through many brood cycles and over winter, to ensure a good brood pattern and temperament of the colony before being selected for sale.